Fun and Creative Ideas for Home Projects Using Wood Crates

Wood crates used for shipping are usually very strong and typically have years of life left in them long after they've been discarded, making them a great choice for projects around the home. You can also buy new wood crates and use them for fun and creative storage; they give your home a rustic, casual look while providing a number of uses in just about every room. Note a few fun and downright simple ideas for using wood crates for home projects.

1. TV stand

Stacking wood crates on top of each other can make a great TV stand with open storage in the front. The openings between the slats in the back of the crates will allow you to run your DVD player and other such cords through. Stack two crates on top of each other for a smaller TV, or add more crates side-by-side for a wider screen. You may need to add a sheet of plywood to the top of the crates so they'll be strong enough to hold your TV, and consider attaching the crates with brackets in the back so they stay in place.

2. Rolling toy box

Rather than make room for a toy box for the kids in the living room, use a wood crate and add casters or wheels to the bottom. The wood is strong enough to hold all their larger toys, and when you add wheels, they can then easily roll it into the living room when they're ready to play and then roll it back into the bedroom at night, keeping the space neat and clean. You can even paint wood crates different colors for each child so they can keep their toys organized and separated.

3. As a desk

For an inexpensive desk with storage, take two wood crates and put them on their sides and then attach them with brackets in the back. Do this with another two wood crates, and you have legs of a desk. Use a sheet of plywood you can paint or stain or a sheet of Plexiglas over the top of the two sets of crates for the desktop, and you have an inexpensive desk with storage that you can put anywhere in the house.

4. Garage storage

Does it seem like your garage is always losing basketballs, footballs, and the like? Wood crates are a perfect size for sporting goods and keep these balls organized and safe. Attach crates to the wall so you can get those balls, gloves, shoes, and other small items off the garage floor and keep them separated and organized as well.

Timber crates can be used for many projects around the home, so contact a local supplier to get started on improving your home.