4 Reasons to Seek Rewinds for Your Electric Motor

Rewinding is one of the most common electric motor repairs. Often, motor rewinds are carried out during major repairs or rebuilds. A motor rewind entails redoing the coil windings on the stature and re-installing them. This can be done using the same coils or using new wire. Generally, there are several reasons why you may want to seek a rewind service for your motor. Read all about them below.

Overheating repairs

If your motor experiences an overheating problem, usually caused by fan failure, the delicate stature windings are going to get damaged. They may melt, unwind or tangle up. Either way, this will affect the working of your motor and potentially make it unsafe to operate. A rewinding service is therefore needed to restore the condition of your motor. This involves removing the old stature windings and installing new coils.

Low power output

The condition of the stature can affect the power output of your motor. Remember that the interaction of the stature and the armature has a direct effect on just how much power your motor holds. If the stature windings have deteriorated over time, your motor may function below par. A rewind service at this time can effectively reverse the problem and get your motor working at the manufacturer's levels.

Power upgrades

In some cases, motor customization can be carried out not to correct low power problems, but to improve performance. This is achieved by reworking the windings in a more effective manner, a process usually aided by computer checks to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy. By upgrading the power capacity of your old motor, you can avoid having to buy a bigger one or a secondary motor altogether. Of course, there is a limit to how much power you can get from your motor. A motor technician can fill you in on this.

Easing future maintenance

Last but not least, you can have your old motor rewound so as to ease future maintenance work. Old motors often have a stature that is not as well assembled as that of newer or already rewound motors. With such motors, troubleshooting during repairs can be hard as it's difficult to ascertain if the stature has problems and where such problems lie within the elaborate coil windings. After a rewinding service, however, the coils look neat and organized. Servicing and detecting errors are therefore quick and easy.

If you are having constant problems with your electric motor, seeking a rewind service can help eliminate many problems associated with power and performance. Talk to a technician and find out if your motor needs a rewind or a rebuild.