Considerations When Contemplating a Ducted Air Conditioning System

If you are searching for a new air conditioning unit, chances are you have come across ducted air conditioning systems. However, not many people know how these units operate. Ducted systems have a central unit that works toward forcing air through ducts located in the various rooms of the home. A common misconception people have is that since these systems ventilate the residence through wall ducts, installation costs may be prohibitively high. The truth of the matter though is that installing a ducted system will cost pretty much the same whether in a residence that is being constructed or in a pre-existing home. Here are some of the considerations you should have when contemplating a ducted air conditioning system.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems 

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a popular option as they offer you the benefits of both heating and cooling from the same unit. Although they tend to be the more expensive option when compared to other ducted systems, the initial investment pays itself off over time as you get the benefits of two systems in one. With reverse cycle systems, the air conditioning unit adjusts itself in accordance to the prevailing outdoor temperatures. Thus, if it is cold outside, the unit will automatically heat the air being ventilated into your home and vice versa.

Zoned air conditioning systems

Zone air conditioning systems give you the flexibility on selectively choosing which rooms in your home can be air conditioned rather than having the entire home heated or cooled at once. These types of systems are convenient for homeowners with larger houses as it prevents you from expending energy air conditioning rooms that are not in frequent use.

Inverted air conditioning technology

Inverted air conditioning technology primarily works to control your unit's compressor speeds. This is a convenient option if you tend to keep your air conditioning unit running for lengthy periods of time. Instead of the air conditioning unit running at the same speed all through, the inverter technology will adjust this speed in accordance to the prevailing temperature. This can greatly reduce your utility costs especially if you lie in an area with a predominantly hot climate.

Capacity of the ducted system

When making a choice of ducted air conditioning systems, you need consider the capacity of the unit. Generally, lower capacities tend to be cheaper. However, opting for a lower capacity for a large home will render your air conditioning unit inefficient. Additionally, not opting for the appropriate capacity may make your unit worker harder to compensate. Always consult with your air conditioning contractor about the most suitable capacity for your home rather than simply choosing a unit based on its price.