Tired of Birds Hitting Your Windows? Worried About Cracks? Check Out These Tips

When birds fly into windows, they can potentially crack the windows, and if you want to prevent that, you should consider making some modifications to your windows. There are a number of steps you can take. Here are some ideas to help:

1. Boost the strength of your windows.

The thickness and strength of your windows directly impacts their vulnerability when a bird flies into them. If you currently have single paned windows, consider replacing them with double glazed windows. The double layers of glass combined with the glazing makes the windows stronger and more resistant to blunt force trauma.

2. Invest in security screens.

If replacing your windows isn't in the budget, look into security screens. These screens can fit in the same places as most standard screens, but they feature durable metal mesh. The mesh resists cutting from thieves, but it also resists impact and can provide a protective barrier to your windows.

3. Deter birds with decals or plastic predators.

In lieu of or in addition to making your windows more resistant to impact, deter the birds with decals or plastic predators. If you use decals, opt for decals of hawks or other songbird predators, and use more than one to create a stronger impact.

Alternatively, hang plastic models of predators such as owls from the eaves above your windows. Move these models once in awhile to help convince the birds they are real.

4. Make the windows more noticeable.

In many cases, birds fly into windows because they simply do not see them. To make your windows more noticeable, you can use tape to create the appearance of small panes in your window. That adds a decorative touch while also making your windows more visible. You can even buy special bird tape designed to be visible to birds while still letting light shine through.

Alternatively, buy dark coloured window treatments and keep them closed as much as possible. Then, instead of a clear barrier, they see the darkness of your curtains or blinds.

5. Cover the windows in bird netting.

Finally, consider covering your windows with bird netting on the exterior side. This netting can be secured over gutters or other areas where you don't want birds to enter, and when hung in front of your windows, it catches birds as they fly toward it. As a result, they bounce off, without hitting the window.

Want more tips on strengthening your windows and protecting them from birds? Contact a window salesperson today.