Contemplating Scissor Lift Hire for Your Industrial Business? Read This!

As long your industrial operations necessitate aerial work, you must invest in the right access equipment for your employees. However, with the wide variety of options available, it may seem easier to base your choice of equipment on upfront costs rather than the long-term advantages that they offer. Scissor lifts, in particular, may not be cheap to acquire. Nonetheless, when it comes to ensuring your operations are efficient while keeping your workers safe, it is a top solution for many industries. Furthermore, you are not limited to having to buy the machinery as you can choose to rent it instead. If you are contemplating scissor lift hire for your industrial business, read on for a few important things to know.

What applications are scissor lifts employed in?

Before you can familiarise yourself with the different applications that scissor lifts are suited to, you need to understand the mechanism of this equipment. In essence, these powerful lifts resemble scissors, as implied by the name. The platforms are raised and lowered via a crisscrossing metal mechanism that extends upwards and retracts downwards. Take note, though, that scissor lifts come in an array of options with different reaches, power sources, platform sizes and so on. Hence, the application that the equipment can be utilised in is largely dependent on the purpose behind leasing the scissor lift. Generally speaking, though, scissor lifts are a sturdier alternative to ladders, scaffolding and so on.

What types of scissor lifts are available to you?

A major advantage of scissor lifts is that they are available in a range of options which makes them a versatile solution for numerous industries. Diesel-powered scissor lifts are the traditional solution and these are best suited for outdoor applications. The diesel options emit exhaust fumes that make them unsuitable for indoor use. For this scenario, electric scissor lifts would be an ideal choice since they do not emit any toxic fumes when in use. Moreover, they will not leave any tyre marks indoors, which is unlike their diesel counterparts. Other types of scissor lifts that you can consider include the pneumatic variety and the hydraulic options.

Are there any considerations one should have before they hire a scissor lift?

To ensure that you hire the best equipment for the job, it is integral that you keep various factors in mind. Unquestionably, the foremost consideration that industrialist have is whether they will be carrying out the project indoors or outdoors, as this will narrow down your options in scissor lifts. Additional considerations that you should bear in mind include the terrain the machinery will be exposed to, the maximum height requirements of the project, the maximum load that the equipment will carry and so on.