Must-knows for Making the Right Call for Air Cannons

Air cannons are a special set of equipment classified as blast aerators. Their work is to hold highly compressed air and release it instantaneously in one or several blasts. Usually, the air cannons store the compressed air in certified pressure vessels to guarantee safety for the operators. A quick-opening release valve allows the air to escape from the vessel when the operator actuates the device. 

Certainly, anyone who wants to make the right call about air cannons needs to learn much about them. You have no room for mistakes considering the safety hazard that the machines can pose. Read this piece carefully and make the right choice when buying an air cannon:

When do you need air cannons?

Air cannons will come in handy for several industrial applications. Identifying the needs early is critical for planning for proper purchase and installation. Some of the applications that call for air cannons include: 

  • Production and movement of bulky and highly cohesive materials. You will have a hard time dislodging such materials using ordinary vibrators, necessitating air cannons. 
  • Limited storage facility space that hinders the installation of vibrators and other equipment meant for preventing the accumulation of high cohesive particles. 
  • The need for quiet operation favours the use of air cannons over vibrators and other equipment. 

What special conditions should you think about?

Examine the conditions in your industrial set-up and ensure that you get the right air cannon for the job. If you are dealing with hot kilns and heating chambers, go for air cannon types that can withstand the high temperature without a decline in performance. Ask your vendor for air cannons that can withstand temperatures as high as one thousand degrees Celsius. Secondly, think about the behaviour of the material causing the flow problem. You can classify the material as free-flowing or highly difficult to move. The classification is the first step to understanding the nature of flow problems and will influence which air cannon you choose. Usually, cohesive materials will bridge, rat-hole, cling or arch in the storage facility. 

What should you keep in mind when using the air cannon?

Proper installation and usage procedures are critical for making the most of your air cannon. Your best bet is going for an electronically-controlled air cannon, actuated by sending signals to solenoid valves. They are better than air cannons with manual valves. You can handle the firing by pushing a manual button. Additionally, you should ensure that the discharge pipe is straight, to maximise the equipment's blast force.