All You Need To Know About Scaffolding

When building or renovating a house, your contractor could have mentioned the need for scaffolding. However, since you are new to the building and construction industry, you might not comprehend what scaffolding is and why the contractor needs the equipment. Below is all you need to know about scaffolding. 

What Is Scaffolding? 

Working at heights is a significant risk in most construction and renovation sites. Bricklayers, painters, electricians, and roofers often carry heavy bricks and equipment several feet above the ground. Traditionally, ladders proved effective. Nevertheless, they are pretty risky since they are unstable. Besides, you need to move the ladder regularly as you work. Scaffolding is an alternative to ladders. Typically, it is a platform supported by poles. It can be raised or lowered depending on the working height. Scaffolds support several people and can handle massive weights at once. Moreover, they can be built hundreds of feet above the ground. This makes them the best height safety equipment for your construction site. 

What Are the Different Types of Scaffolding? 

Unlike ladders, scaffolding is highly versatile. You will find different scaffolds, each with a specified work specification. For instance, a trestle scaffold is a platform that sits on four stands. It is a small scaffold that can be used indoors and outdoors for light construction and renovation work. If you have an expansive project, you should consider steel scaffolding. The equipment is pinned on the ground and walls of the building under construction. In most cases, the scaffolding engulfs the entire building, allowing tens or hundreds of workers to work simultaneously. 

Sometimes, you will need to renovate the upper floors of a complete building. For instance, you could need to install lighting or repaint the structure. Building a steel scaffold would not make sense when you do not need to work on the lower floors. In this case, you should consider a suspended scaffolding that hangs from the top of the building. You use chains or a pulley system to lower and raise the platform. 

What Should You Consider When Hiring Scaffolding? 

You do not need to purchase scaffolding when you need the equipment for several weeks or months. Scaffolding rental is a cheaper and more flexible alternative to buying. The rule when renting scaffoldings is to work with reputable companies. This way, you are sure that the rental company offers reasonable hiring terms. Remember to inspect the scaffold for defects that compromise its functionality or safety. Finally, hire a scaffolder to install, adjust, and disassemble the equipment at the site.   

For more information about scaffolding services, contact a local professional.