Planning To Buy Two-Way Radios? Here Are The 4 Most Important Factors To Consider

Two-way radios are not just for law enforcement officers. They can be used as alternatives to mobile phones by site workers, children, outdoor explorers, security guards and other groups of people. However, unlike mobile phones, you may not know what to look for when selecting your ideal set of two-way radios. Below, find out the most important factors you will need to look out for.


When it comes to two-way radios, range refers to the maximum distance between which the two radios can be used with each other. Of course, the longer the range the better as you get to talk to the other person even if they travel or wander farther off. However, note that range is not always consistent on two-way radios. It changes with the weather, terrain and geographical obstructions. For example, two-way radios will enjoy better range on an open desert as compared to an urban setting full of buildings.

Battery time

Battery time is important too. It determines how long you can keep your radio(s) functional. Remember that out in the outdoors, where you might be planning to use your radio, charging your unit may be out of the question. Of course, you can always carry extra batteries for back-up. However, if you can find a two-way radio with a high stand-by time, the better. Usually, radios with smaller screens and battery-saving options such as 'power-saver' modes help to achieve this.


If you look at two-way radios on sale, you will notice that they feature a different number of channels. Channels refer to the different frequencies that can be used to communicate with other radios. The more channels your radio has, the more communication lines you have to choose from. More channels on your radio also means that you can connect with more radios out there, as you are more likely to share a few channels with other two-way radios.

Privacy codes

To enjoy a private talk with another person on their radio, you are required to input a similar privacy code into the radio. This is important when you expect to talk to many people on your radio. The more codes your radio has, the more connections you can maintain on your radio at any given time. If you exceed the number of codes you have, you may have to delete some connections.

Ready to buy your two-way radio? Be sure to look into the above factors and you'll enjoy your new communication gadget to the fullest.