5 Clever Tools That You Can Use With Your Air Compressor Tank

If you already have an air compressor that you use for a particular task, you might be happy to learn that you can use the same equipment to expand the range of jobs you can get done. There is a wide range of air tools in the market today and most can work with whatever air compressor tank you have. All you have to do is buy the particular air tool and connect it to your tank. Below, discover 5 different tools that you can add to your list of air-powered handhelds.

Air hammer

The air hammer is a good air tool to have. You can use it to drive nails into place, or simply to flatten metal sheets when fabricating or repairing panel damage. Providing hundreds of hits per minute, the air hammer is a versatile tool that gets work done quickly. You can also fit different attachments onto it such as chisels, screw drivers, and even wrench bits.

Spray gun

If you occasionally, or regularly, deal with paint, a spray gun will come in handy. You can use this to offer painting services on items such as cars, boats, roofs, walls, etc. You can also use a spray gun to provide a neat finish to your fabricated metal products after welding.

Basting gun

A blasting gun is another resourceful tool to have, especially if your work touches on fabrication or paintwork. With this addition, you can clean your surfaces to rid them of dirt, rust, foul or stains prior to painting. All you'll need to do is occasionally buy your blasting aggregate, be it sand or other materials.


Your air compressor can also be matched with an air grinder. This will allow you to give your metal surfaces a smooth, professional finish after your fabrication work. You can also fit numerous pads on your grinder head allowing you to sand and even polish other materials such as timber, glass, and even plastic.

Belt sander

Last but not least, you can also add a belt sander to your list of air tools. This little gadget is handy for smoothing metal corners and edges, especially around little crooks where a grinder cannot reach, e.g. on pipe joints. A belt sander can take various belts of different coarseness, allowing you to work on rough and fine surfaces as well.

5 new tools: same power source. Expand your range of services with ease while still enjoying the convenience and ease-of-use provided by the air compressor.