Ensuring Your Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs are Effective

Believe it or not, hydraulic cylinders and other similar components are found in countless machines from cars, to tractors, to excavators. Any time a machine requires excessive force or a heavy part needs manipulating, it is likely that hydraulics are being used. As with any piece of equipment, these parts will eventually need to be repaired. The following information will help guide you in determining and solving the root of your problem.

The Majority of Repairs

Many hydraulic cylinder repairs are simply a matter of disassembly, inspection, repacking the seals, and reassembly. You see, inside the cylinder are the piston, pistol seal, and oil to lubricate the movement (more sophisticated hydraulics will also have pumps, hoses/valves, and a motor, but the basic components are those three). When a pistol seal becomes damaged, the oil can leak and possibly cause the cylinder to drift or become ineffective.

Should You Try to Fix it Yourself?

The good news is that this type of problem is an easy fix if you are familiar with disassembly. Although some customers will buy a kit to complete the job themselves, it is best to leave hydraulic cylinder repair to the professionals and keep your hands clean. Not only will a proper company ensure the repair is done to the highest quality, but they will also check to make sure your machinery is free of other problems— like scratches to the cylinder bore or a bent rod. These kinds of issues will require unusual equipment and you won't be able to simply fix them at home.

A Bent Rod

To determine if your hydraulic rod is bent, there are a few things you, or the company you are hiring, can do. One way to tell is to inspect the chrome surface; if one side is dull and the other is shiny and polished, chances are, your rod is bent. If the rod is completely removed from the cylinder, it can also be placed on a dial gauge to determine the severity of the displacement.


Most bent rods can be straightened using a press, and if the chrome becomes damaged in the process, it may have to be rechromed.

Whether your problem is as simple as a leaky cylinder or as complex as a bent rod, rest assured, a professional hydraulic cylinder services company will be able to help you with the repairs that you need done.