Features to Look For When Renting a Scissor Lift or Boom

You may not realize that you can actually rent a scissor lift or boom for working on home projects or for renovation and maintenance on a commercial building. This can make it easier to reach an elevated ceiling in your home's foyer for painting or repairs, and reach those higher ceilings and rafters in a commercial building. Not all scissor lifts are the same and you may get a bit overwhelmed with your choices if you've never rented one before, so note a few features to look for with your rental and discuss these with a rental agency.

1. Slide-out platforms

One challenge when it comes to renting a scissor lift is that you need to be able to easily get it through a doorway, but at the same time, you may need a certain amount of workspace on the lift for workers and equipment. A slide-out platform or extension is a good solution as this can give you added space for working without actually making the scissor lift itself too wide to fit through standard doorways. When you need to get a smaller lift to fit in your home but need that extra room, look for an extension of some sort.

2. Electric versus diesel

You may note that some scissor lifts are actually diesel powered rather than running on an electric battery. If you want to use the lift outdoors where it may need to run over rough terrain, you might choose one with a diesel engine since it's usually more powerful and can more readily propel the lift over your lawn, brush, and the like. However, for indoor use, be sure you opt for an electric lift as the diesel fumes can easily fill up a room and be dangerous, and you typically don't need that extra power when driving a scissor lift over your home's floors.

3. Articulating arms

Most scissor lifts will simply lift up from the bottom to an elevated height, but some are articulating, meaning they have a joint in the lift area itself. This joint allows the platform to be extended forward after being lifted. This can be a good choice if you need a scissor lift to work around stairwells and other obstructions either inside or outside your home. The lift can be parked in one spot and then the articulating arm can lift and then extend over the stairwell, tree branches, a shed, and the like.