Selection tips to purchase the best control transformer

A control transformer is a must have when there's need for constant voltage without huge fluctuations. They use capacitors and other filtering devices to keep the current output stable and minimize current variations. Whether you need a transformer for your industrial or domestic use, then you need to know how to select the best one for your particular situation. Getting the wrong transformer may lead to overheating of its coils or even destruction of the devices that use up the current. So if you're looking for a control power transformer, here are some tips that will narrow down your choices.

Check the voltage rating 

The input (primary) voltage and output (secondary) voltage dictate what kind of transformer would be suitable for your application. Different transformers have got varying primary voltages that span between 120V to 480V. The input of the transformer is from the local power source or utility company. Getting a transformer with a lower input capacity than the voltage is simply asking for trouble. The transformer would be overloaded and easily breakdown. The secondary voltage is also important to consider. Too much output would destroy your devices.

Calculating the sizing of the transformers

You'll then need to calculate the size of the transformer you need. The size is normally expressed in lamp wattage. All you need to do is add up all the watts for each fixture or device that would use the transformer. Additionally, add 10% of the total wattage to take care of the cables connectors that take up some current. This will give you the right size of transformer you need when making your purchase. If you can't find a transformer with the exact wattage, then pick one with the closest figure above the value. Rounding up the value also gives you room to add more devices and light fixtures.

Try custom made transformers

In some instances, you won't find the right transformer for your needs. This is particularly true in cases where you need very high lamp wattage or one with a specific design to your needs. That's when you go for custom made transformers.

Custom-made transformers can be designed to handle out of the ordinary situations. For instance, you could get a transformer that fits perfectly into a particular space but still produces enough wattage for all your devices. Additionally, you could also have a transformer built for harsh environs such as very cold winters and desert-like summers.