Boom Lift Hire: Evaluate Your Different Options

If you need equipment that will allow you to work at heights, a boom lift could be just what you need. Boom lifts can hoist one person (or two in some cases) up in the air where they can carry out repairs, inspection or routine maintenance work. However, there are different types of boom lifts in the market today. Below, see what the different options are and evaluate what type it is that you need. 

Telescopic vs. articulated 

Boom lifts can be categorized as telescopic or articulated. Telescopic booms are also called straight booms. And this is because their booms extend in a straight line only. Articulated booms, on the other hand, are also called knuckle booms. And that is because they have several booms that can articulate into knuckle-like positions. Telescopic booms are easier to use. Their applications are also simple. They are ideal for reaching specific elevated positions, e.g. bulbs or electric poles. In turn, articulated booms are more diverse in use. And this is because they are more flexible and can go over and under obstacles. As such, they can be used for tree felling, repairs, maintenance, etc. 

Electric vs. diesel

Before, most boom lifts were diesel powered. Today, there are electric powered boom lifts as well. Diesel boom lifts are great for outdoor use while electric units are ideal for indoor use. And there are good reasons for this. For one, electric powered units are better indoors where they are protected from the weather elements. Electric units are also quieter and produce little to no emissions. And lastly, being electric, it is better to use them indoors in case a recharge is needed. Diesel units are better outdoors because a little noise or emissions are not going to be an issue. Diesel units are also relatively more powerful hence more effective in rough outdoor terrain. And lastly, diesel units can easily be refilled with fuel in case they run out while on the field. 

Wheeled vs. tracked

There are also wheeled and tracked boom lifts. Wheeled boom lifts are ideal for indoor and paved outdoor spaces. Indoor units feature small wheels while units designed for paved outdoor spaces have larger wheels. These types of units can work on paved areas while manoeuvring easily and without damaging the floors. Tracked units are designed for rough outdoor use, e.g. construction sites. Most feature outriggers that help to offer stability on unstable or slanting sites.   If you are looking for boom lift hire services, now you know what to ask for when you make that call. All you need to compare now is maximum height, maximum weight, and horizontal reach of the different units available in respect to your particular needs. 

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