4 Reasons to Seek Rewinds for Your Electric Motor

Rewinding is one of the most common electric motor repairs. Often, motor rewinds are carried out during major repairs or rebuilds. A motor rewind entails redoing the coil windings on the stature and re-installing them. This can be done using the same coils or using new wire. Generally, there are several reasons why you may want to seek a rewind service for your motor. Read all about them below. Overheating repairs

Fun and Creative Ideas for Home Projects Using Wood Crates

Wood crates used for shipping are usually very strong and typically have years of life left in them long after they've been discarded, making them a great choice for projects around the home. You can also buy new wood crates and use them for fun and creative storage; they give your home a rustic, casual look while providing a number of uses in just about every room. Note a few fun and downright simple ideas for using wood crates for home projects.

3 AC Options Other Than Central Air

If you want the benefits of air conditioning, but you don't have the budget to install central AC, which requires ductwork, there are some alternatives that can provide you with cool air that won't bust your wallet. Here are three systems that can do the job at an affordable price. Portable AC -- As the name implies, a portable AC unit is an all-in-one unit that you can move to different places in your home or flat.

Understanding Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Options

Metal sheeting is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the fabrication industry. These sheets are used to form the main frame in the construction of domestic, commercial, and industrial products such as kitchen sinks, ventilation hoods, doors, tables, gutters, gates, car parts, art pieces, outdoor signs, storage shelving, etc. A lot of fabrication techniques are used to turn raw metal sheets into these finished products. They include: CNC fabrication

Why You Should Construct Your Building with Structural Insulated Panels

Whether you are putting up an industrial building or a commercial building, as the owner, you need to find the best materials available to build a strong and sustainable structure. This is why you should have insulated panels put in for your roofs and walls. Structural insulated panels are made from foam insulation placed between two sheets of oriented plywood or fibre cement panels. This gives them certain advantages to traditional stick framing, such as the following: